Map of Consciousness

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Descriptive Map of Levels of Consciousness

Level of Consciousness You Will Know You Are Here When Logarithmic Scale Emotion View of Life View of God Process How to Transcend
Shame You feel humiliated and worthless 20 Humiliation Life is painful and meaningless A wrathful punisher Elimination Self-forgiveness, compassion
Guilt You are constantly blaming yourself 30 Blame Life is full of suffering A vengeful judge Destruction Acknowledge mistakes, make amends
Apathy You feel hopeless and indifferent 50 Despair Life is pointless and empty A distant, uncaring entity Abdication Find purpose, seek support
Grief You are overwhelmed by regret and sadness 75 Regret Life is filled with loss and tragedy A source of sorrow Despondency Acceptance, express emotions
Fear You are frequently anxious and worried 100 Anxiety Life is threatening and dangerous A stern authority figure Withdrawal Face fears, build courage
Desire You are driven by cravings and dissatisfaction 125 Craving Life is a source of fleeting pleasure A provider of material goods Enslavement Practice contentment, let go of attachments
Anger You often feel hatred and frustration 150 Hate Life is a struggle against others A force to be resisted Aggression Channel anger constructively, forgiveness
Pride You feel superior and scornful of others 175 Scorn Life is a competition to be won An entity to be impressed Inflation Humility, service to others
Courage You feel affirmed and ready to take risks 200 Affirmation Life is full of challenges to overcome A source of strength and support Empowerment become non attached to outcomes
Neutrality You feel content and non-judgmental 250 Trust Life is generally okay A benevolent force Release Be open to new experiences, proactive attitude
Willingness You are optimistic and open to new experiences 310 Optimism Life is full of possibilities A guiding presence Intention Embrace reality, let go of resistance
Acceptance You forgive easily and embrace reality 350 Forgiveness Life is a journey of learning and growth A source of compassion and forgiveness Transcendence Seek knowledge, critical thinking
Reason You seek understanding and meaning 400 Understanding Life is a puzzle to be solved A universal intelligence Abstraction Be kind, Loving, caring
Love You feel unconditional love and compassion 500 Reverence Life is a gift to be cherished The essence of unconditional love Revelation Practice unconditional love, compassion
Joy You experience serenity and gratitude 540 Serenity Life is a celebration A source of joy and abundance Transfiguration Gratitude, live in the present
Peace You feel blissful and at one with everything 600 Bliss Life is perfect as it is The all-encompassing oneness Illumination Meditation, inner stillness
Enlightenment You experience pure consciousness and unity 700-1000 Ineffable Life is an illusion There is no separation between self and God Pure Consciousness Surrender ego, unity with all