Discovering Your True Identity

In the book by David R Hawkins, it is suggested that our true identity goes beyond the physical body. While we often identify ourselves with our bodies, we are actually the awareness or consciousness that experiences the body.

Through self-awareness and contemplation, we can realize that the body is merely a vessel for our experiences. It is not the essence of who we are. Changes in the body, such as weight gain or loss, do not define our true identity.

This perspective encourages us to see the body as a separate entity, like a "happy puppet," and to develop a playful and joyful relationship with it. By detaching ourselves from identifying solely with the physical form, we can embrace a deeper sense of self.

Our true identity is the awareness that observes, experiences, and exists independently of the physical form. It is the constant essence that remains unchanged amidst the limitations and changes of the body.

By recognizing our true identity, we can cultivate a sense of peace, fulfillment, and freedom in our lives.

Non-duality is a term derived from the Sanskrit word "Advaita," which means "not two." It refers to the understanding or perception that there is no fundamental separation or duality in the universe. In non-duality, all apparent distinctions and separations between subject and object, self and other, mind and matter dissolve into a unified reality or awareness. What Does Non-Duality Mean? In the context provided by the text[1], non-duality emphasizes the understanding that Divinity emanates as consciousness/awareness, which is the source of all creation. This awareness is characterized by being without form, division, limitation, or subject-object distinction. It is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Non-duality means bypassing particularization to return to unobstructed, verifiable truth. It holds that all evolutions unfold as a consequence of the Unmanifest becoming Manifest—the intrinsic indivisibility between the creator and creation. Practical Applications Non-duality has practical applications in daily life, particularly in the realms of spirituality and personal growth: Mental and Spiritual Health: Understanding non-duality can lead to a profound sense of peace and well-being by helping individuals transcend ego-driven desires and concerns. By perceiving the self as part of a larger, interconnected whole, one can overcome feelings of isolation, anxiety, and dissatisfaction. Relationships: Non-dualistic perspectives foster a more compassionate and empathetic approach to relationships, encouraging individuals to see beyond superficial differences and recognize the shared essence with others. Decision Making: Non-duality encourages decisions and actions that are based on inner wisdom and integrity rather than external pressures or ego desires, leading to more fulfilling outcomes. Applying Non-Duality in Daily Life Applying non-dual principles in daily life involves several key practices and orientations[2]【23†source】: Letting Go of Dualistic Thinking: This includes surrendering the ego's desire to categorize the world into binaries such as good/bad, right/wrong, self/others. Maintaining Nonattachment: Engage in life fully while maintaining an internal stance of nonattachment to outcomes, understanding that your true nature is independent of external circumstances. Practicing Presence and Mindfulness: Emphasize being fully present and aware in each moment, recognizing that all experiences arise within the broader field of awareness that you are. Embracing Compassion: Cultivate compassion for all beings, recognizing the shared essence that binds everyone beyond superficial differences. Developing Spiritual Practices: Pursue practices that resonate with your heart, such as meditation, prayer, or devotion, all aimed at reminding you of your non-dual nature. Benefits to the Individual The benefits of understanding and incorporating non-duality into one’s life include: Inner Peace: A deeper acceptance of what is, leading to inner peace and contentment. Enhanced Awareness: A more profound, intuitive understanding of the nature of reality and one's place within it. Reduced Suffering: Minimized attachment to egoic desires and fears, which often cause suffering. Increased Compassion: A deeper empathetic connection with others, knowing that at the fundamental level, all is one. Understanding and applying the principles of non-duality can profoundly transform an individual's life, offering a path toward enlightenment, inner peace, and a deeper connection with the essence of all existence.
A blind person can not lead another Blind person, if one tries , he and those who follow him will fall into a ditch
Therefore it is wise to be humble about things one can not see, and not follow other blind people, but be careful who one chooses to follow, for it is a matter of life and death.

you say you're not blind?

there are things you can not see like wifi, but they exist.
you can not see the thoughts of others.

ypu can not see the truth and get manipulated by lies.

Question everything, especially things you can not see.

My goal is to help as many people as I can enjoy excellent health and happiness

On pain and suffering: Are you in Pain?
Are you Suffering?

This post is only for people who are experiencing pain (mental/emotional/physical) or have no idea why there is chronic pain.

Don't read if you you're fine , watch cat videos instead.

A spiritually blind person can not lead others.

If he does, he and all that follow him will fall into a ditch.

The ditch of pain and suffering.

Maybe you followed the advice of spiritually blind people and fell into the ditch of pain and suffering.

Do people say what is not true? Yes
Do people use Jesus's words to say what is not true? Yes

You can't tell truth from false

Accept that you are limited and really cant see what is true and what is not.

From there on stop believing anything that you can't verify for yourself to be true.

I hear all this garbage about God giving you pain and suffering


Stop listening to this , and question it.

Why is God giving me pain, why dones God keep giving me pain?

People have lied to you. Forgive them they do not know anything themselves.

God's grace is not pain and suffering

If it is I don't want this kind of a God, thanks

I'm not asking for pleasure but these lies about "oh you're in pain , it's because God helping you"

Lol - God helping me by giving me pain - the eternal lie

Sorry I don't want anymore pain mate, I've had enough already.

We experience pain when we follow bad advice.

Things keep getting better and better when we follow the truth.

I'm not interested in right or wrong

I'm interested in the truth.

Do you really think suffering is helping you?

Do you really think that by suffering now here on earth you will go to some nice place called heaven?

I don't think this is true mate.

Stop believing in false advice

No one knows what happens after death.

People just make up stuff.

There is only words and sentences.

Words and sentences told to you as advise

If you do this you will get this

If you do that you will get that

People have manipulated you, forgive them, they are in a ditch themselves.

If a person has all the money and happiness
He doesn't need anything from you.

Only people who don't have the real key to happiness ask you to sacrifice your money or happiness for their own.

Dear reader, stop being manipulated by lies

Only follow advice that you can verify in your own experience.

How to tell truth from false?

Can you verify it?

Then it is true?

Can you not verify it?

Then it is not true or may be true,

If you can not verify it, don't sacrifice your peace, money, happiness and your life and your time on it.

Here are things I've been able to verify:

1. Forgiveness towards others and myself helps me become peaceful

2. It is better to look at my own mistakes and correct them than to tell or talk about the mistakes of others, the best way to change others is to teach by example.

3. We can let go of negative emotions and feelings without expressing them.

4. People often miss the context and are not able to know the context.

5. Silence is a very high level of truth, do not respond, resist answering questions.

6. You don't have to , you choose to.

7. I don't know if God exists or not, but I pray for help because it helps me calm down and new ideas and solutions come to my mind.
judge not
and you will not be judged
condemn not
and you will not be condemned
and you will be forgiven
and it will be given to you
Be merciful
just as your Father is merciful
Always ask questions
Why do you believe what you believe?
Why do you do what you do?
Why do you stop asking questions?
Why do you stop learning?

Whatever is true 
does not need proof
Truth is self evident.
if you can not see it,
it is not true for you
so you must find your own truth
that helps you at your 
current level of understanding
and work with that
One blind man can not lead another
if he does, 
they will both fall into a ditch

Why do you see the speck
 that is in your brother's eye,
but do not attention the log
 that is in your own eye?

you hypocrite,
First remove the log from your own eye,
and then you will see clearly 
to take the speck out of your brother's eye.
forgive for the blind
were trying to lead the blind
That which sees all
That which knows all
That which created all

If such a God exists
Then such a God is kind
Because such a God
has no reason to be otherwise
Jesus also Taught about
unconditional love 
towards our fellow humans

The Map of conciousness says that
we must not fear or worry
we must not be angry or blame
we must not be ashamed or guilty
we must not choose pride or arrogance
we must not choose desire or craving
we must not choose appathy
Because all these are temporary

A decent regret is 
better than all of these
it says that what we thought
was not close to the truth
Jesus also says 
blessed are those who mourn

we can choose courage 
to speak the truth
we can trust God 
that he exists 
and will take care of us
we can choose willingness 
to do what we can do
we can forgive 
ourselves and others 
and accept what is
so that 
we can understand
we can choose to 
love unconditionally
Because all other options 
only bring temporary happiness
but unconditional love
brings permanent happiness
Peace and Joy
are the fruits of
unconditional love

    Oh God
    You know everything
    You see everything
    You know what we want
    You know what we need
    You know what is best for us
    We trust you
    Please help us
    Please guide us
    Thank you! 😊


    The fall of a country or culture is caused by its spiritual bankruptcy. 
    In the same way, its rise depends upon spiritual awakening.
    Spiritual fall brings in its wake moral fall,
    moral fall brings intellectual blindness,
    and intellectual blindness brings material downfall. 
    - Vivekananda

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